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Who We Are

We believe the future of the fashion industry lies right here, in the artistic innovation of everyday accessories. Not only will our exclusive collections enhance your wardrobe, they will enhance your entire lifestyle. We combine feminine design with minimalist craftsmanship to produce classy accessories handmade just for you. Our delicate handbags, business-travel totes, and small vegan leather goods boast clean lines and timeless appeal. 

And we're giving the whole world access.

Influenced by our southern roots, Shop Plumeria is a perpetual favorite among fashion-conscious consumers with superior stitching, signature prints, and premium materials.

What are you waiting for? Take a look around and see for yourself just exactly what the buzz is all about.


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Hate waiting? We hear you. Be first to score early access to sales, events, and new styles when they launch. Need to put together a killer look? Sometimes the struggle is real! That’s why we serve some serious outfit info courtesy of our very own Plumeria Babes from across the nation.

We stan. We stan so hard. Real life heroes are everywhere and we’re super excited to feature inspiring women that are leading the way and changing the game. We all need a place where our voices can be heard and a sounding board to bounce ideas off of - that’s why we created the Plumeria Babes Community! Join our supportive, one-of-a-kind Newsletter and feel the love.

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